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F1: Three New Teams And a Rule Change for 2010, Says Ecclestone Photo:
Mike Stevens | Mar, 27 2009 | 1 Comment

Formula One head honcho, Bernie Ecclestone, has delivered the news that three new teams will line up on the grid for the start of the 2010 season.

Coming on the back of the FIA’s announcement of voluntary budget cuts for next year's season, the grid for 2010 is set to grow to 26 cars.


While he wouldn’t reveal the identites of the other two teams, Bernie did cite the USGPE team (formerly USF1) as one of the new entrants.

Ecclestone also contradicted a statement made by an FIA spokesperson, insisting that the ‘winner takes all’ points system would be a part of the 2010 agenda. The FIA’s plan to consult with teams about the change seemed nothing more than an extravagance to The Berninator, and he was happy to say as much.

"It won't be necessary to discuss it with anybody. Providing the regulations are out before they enter the championship, that's how it is," F1’s ruler supreme declared.

The 78 year old F1 gatekeeper revealed his opposition to the current system which separates first and second place by just two points, with points available all the way to eighth place. Ecclestone described the system as “completely mad”.

I hate to be the one to point this out, Bernie, but: pot, kettle, black?

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