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F1: Rosberg Giving Nothing Up For Schumacher At Mercedes GP Photo:
Mike Stevens | Jan, 08 2010 | 1 Comment

MERCEDES GP DRIVER NICO Rosberg wants the German team's number one seat, telling press this week that new teammate and racing legend Michael Schumacher will have to fight him for it.

Rosberg, who signed with Mercedes GP before the former Brawn outfit announced Schumacher's return to Formula 1, said he plans to be the team's best driver in 2010.

Speaking with Germany's Auto Bild, the 24 year-old former Williams driver said that he and Schumacher consider themselves equals at the new team, but competition between the two drivers will be strong.

"We are on an equal footing in the team, it's always been like that at Mercedes, that's their philosophy," Rosberg said.

"Your own teammate is the driver you always compare yourself to because he has the same car. My aim is to be in front of him as much as possible."

Rosberg delivered a sting to his famous teammate, saying he'd always been a bigger fan of Mika Hakkinen - a friend of the Rosberg family - happiest whenever the Finn beat Schumacher.

Despite his eagerness to beat the former Ferrari hero, Rosberg said Schumacher's return after a three year 'retirement' is a good thing.

"He's stayed active and enthusiastic, and he wants to race again. He's happy and that's what matters."

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