F1: FIA Presidency Was "Beyond Vatanen", Push On New US GP Venue Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Apr, 26 2010 | 0 Comments

MAX MOSLEY was relieved at the outcome of last year's FIA presidency elections, expressing the view the job was "completely beyond" Ari Vatanen.

After his long reign, Mosley's preferred successor Jean Todt was voted in, in the wake of a bitter campaign against the former world rally champion Vatanen.

Asked by a reader how he would have felt had Vatanen won office, Mosley told the latest edition of the British magazine F1 Racing: "I'd have been very worried, because I think Jean, with all his ability, is finding it quite a struggle.

"It's so much more complex than when I took over (in 1993), and I think it would've been completely beyond Ari."

In the same feature, 70-year-old Mosley also renewed his attack on Ferrari and its President Luca di Montezemolo, who were at the centre of last year's political war over control of the sport.

The Briton described Montezemolo as a "very weak character" who is "easily led", and said Ferrari objected to his budget cap proposal because the team would "fail" if forced to spend the same money as its rivals.

"If the fans really understood the issues, I don't think they would be against me, because everything I've ever done has always been done with a view to keeping formula one going and stopping it collapsing," said Mosley.



Tony George Eyes New Venue For US GP Return

TONY GEORGE is interested in taking Formula One back to the United States.

We reported last weekend that the 50-year-old former boss of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was spotted in Shanghai for the Chinese grand prix.

George met with F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone and also Zak Brown, founder and CEO of motor sport marketing firm, Just Marketing, who represents several high level sponsors according to the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ).

"Would Tony George love to broker a deal to bring back a US grand prix? Sure," said Brown.

IBJ said sources confirmed that George was in China to discuss F1's return to America and meet with potential sponsors for a race that would not necessary take place at Indianapolis.

Indeed, new Indianapolis Motor Speedway boss Jeff Bulskus said George was not in China to represent the fabled Indy 500 venue, while Ecclestone has been pushing for a street race with the New York skyline.

Brown said: "Tony has a lot of contacts in motor sports, and he knows how to put on a US Grand Prix.

"I think if there's a role for Tony in trying to bring formula one back to the US, he'd be willing to help. Tony and Bernie have a very good relationship, and Tony has a lot of interest in seeing F1 return to the US," he added.

Tony George, who still has an ownership stake in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, could not be reached for comment.

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