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Evo-X production ready spy photos Photo:

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Steane Klose | Jul, 12 2007 | 1 Comment

The folks over at Motor Authority have come across the best spy photos to-date of the Mitsubishi Evo-X. As you can see, there is little left to the imagination as the only thing missing in this picture is the usual camouflage.

Comparisons with the Evo-X prototype reveal detail changes that seem to be limited to the deletion of LED lights at the front and adoption of more practical side mirrors.

So, if this is the finished product, why does it leave this writer feeling a bit cold? What has happened to the presence seen and implied in previous images as well as the prototype? Why does this particular Evo-X look a little knock-kneed and pathetic. Sort of like a big nosed version of the nerdy kid at school…An Evo should look equal parts tough and cheeky…more Bruce Willis than Harry Potter.

It is expected that there will be more than one Evo-X variant on offer with the top of the range model benefiting from new the Dual Sequential Gearbox option we wrote about earlier this week. Lesser variants will come standard with a five-speed manual.

It is our guess that this is one of the lesser variants which would explain the wheels that look a few sizes too small. Perhaps the top of the range Evo-X will come with more appropriate wheels and rubber and may even retain the prototypes LED lights and aero side-mirrors to help achieve greater differentiation.

You can check out the rest of the pictures by visiting Motor Authority.

You can check out a video and read more about the Evo-X by clicking on the links below:

Evo-X prototype video tour

Evo-X DSG style gearbox option

Evo-X expected specifications and official pictures

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