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Mike Stevens | Mar, 25 2010 | 5 Comments

AUSTRALIAN OUTFIT Evans Electric is preparing to launch an in-wheel motor system that will deliver a total of 280kW and a 0-100km/h time of less than three seconds, according to an online report.

Evans Electric has been working quietly since 2006, focusing its efforts on its in-wheel motor system after first working to improve current Anti-lock braking systems.

While Evans has yet to release official power and performance figures for its in-wheel motors, a report by Electric Vehicle News claims that each of the four motors will produce 70kW, using Axial Flux AC Induction motors and high-power-density A123 Lithium-Ion Nanophosphate battery pack.

"The Evans Electric in-wheel electric motor is a unique disc-type motor based on linear induction motor principles," a technology profile on the Evans Electric website reads.

The wheel motor consists of a unique 180-degree arched double-sided linear induction motor stator and ladder bar disc rotor. This electric motor design has many advantages in an electric vehicle wheel motor application."

According to Evans' website, AC Induction motors are the most affordable types of electric motor to produce, and the company's 'open disc rotor' design allows for a less complex system that avoids the need for a liquid cooling system, and the associated extra cost.

The technology appears to be designed with both new-car and retrofit installation in mind, with the in-wheel motors designed to replace the standard brake disc rotor found in most cars. Evans' own profile of its EV wheel motor claims that its system can be installed in any vehicle without modifying or replacing the existing suspension and steering components.

The Electric Vehicle News report suggests that the innovative Australian company is mere months away from demonstrating its technology, launching an electric vehicle based on "a well-proven model with a long history of World Rally Championship success." With a motor in each wheel, the car will essentially feature an all-wheel-drive layout.

For now, while it is clear that Evans Electric is quietly working on a technology unique in the Australian automotive industry, it remains to be seen if the power figures quoted by EV News can be trusted. TMR has contacted Evans Electric for comment - watch this space.

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