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Steane Klose | Apr, 11 2007 | 1 Comment

Most people celebrate turning 50 by having a BBQ in the back yard and sharing a snag and some beers with their married mates. The scene changes for the recently divorced, well heeled alpha male who would rather hire a hip downtown bar close the doors and hope that a room full of young friends and some chemical contraband can help him recapture his youth.

Elfin, makers of the rather radical MS8 Clubman and Streamliner are turning 50. It was 50 years ago that Elfin's founder Garrie Cooper started building race cars in Adelaide and founded the local legend.

Fifty years later and a bunch of petrolheads at Elfin's factory in Braeside Melbourne decided that they should celebrate Garrie Cooper's legacy. Having a BBQ and a beer was one option and frankly a good one.

Damn thing was too slow so they bolted on a supercharger and painted it gold. There...that's better.

Instead, they decided to close the doors drink a lot of raspberry cordial and bolt a supercharger onto the LS1 V8 powered MS8 Streamliner and then paint it gold. Happy birthday! When the sugar high subsided and the dust had settled they found themselves standing in front of Australia's fastest car.

This absolutely beautiful supercharged coupe/roadster is unfortunately a track only proposition in Australia. Priced from $128,500 new owners are able to seek their own engineering certification for registration in Australia.

The t-top roof satisfies a CAMS and FIA requirement for a roof when racing in production car-based classes. The roof is detachable and will be offered as an option on the regular Streamliner.

The 50th Anniversary supercharged MS8 Streamliner weighs in at 1100kgs and packs a 340kW, 660Nm punch. That equates to 3.24 kgs per kW and thats a figure that nothing this side of a Pagani Zonda comes gets close to.

It is believed that the sprint to 100km/h is a low 3 second proposition and the old quarter mile (400m) is taken car of in 10 seconds and a bit. That's weapons grade performance.

These guys know how to celebrate a birthday.

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