edo Competition Releases Limited Edition Lamborghini LP710 Audigier Photo:
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Steane Klose | Dec, 29 2008 | 2 Comments

With a top speed of 360km/h, you're looking at the fastest Lamborghini ever built. That's according to edo Competition. To add to the rarity, only five of the monstrous LP710 will be produced and the exclusivity doesn't stop there.

edo teamed up with fashion designer Christian Audigier and world-famous artist Marcus Pfeil to stylise the base Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 and create the matte-black Lamborghini LP710 Audigier.


The already highly sought-after Murciélago LP640 receives modified bodywork, new wheels and tyres, an improved exhaust and unspecified "engine work" to achieve the noted top speed and provide the striking visuals. Actual power and performance figures are unknown at this time.

Audigier's influence goes beyond the matte-black finish. His name is embroided into the seats which are trimmed with an exclusive choice of fabrics that carry over to the door paneling and centre-console.

The airbrushed graphics on the exterior are Pfeil's design, Pfeil having worked closely with Audigier to create the new look.


Each of the five limited edition LP710's will be fully customisable and allow customers the chance to ditch the graphics and embroided seats in lieu of something less ostentatious.

Additional personalisation is only part of the package though with Lamborghini also offering buyers the chance to put in some laps at either the Papenburg or Nardo oval tracks. Those who choose this option will have race driver Patrick Simon on hand to pass on a driving trick or two.

We'll keep the extra power but we would not be unhappy to see the embroided seats and 'Need For Speed' style graphics relegated to the parts bin. The fastest Lamborghini in the world is just fine in matte-black thanks.

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