Doug Levins Twin Turbo Murciélago Photo:

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Steane Klose | Sep, 06 2007 | 0 Comments

Doug Levins, a tuner who has developed a name in the States for building blown Dodge Vipers has turned it up a notch and fitted a custom twin-turbo kit to the Murciélago roadster in the video.

With boost coming on hard at 3000rpm the big Murci makes 596kW (800hp) at the flywheel. Reports indicate that the turbos have no trouble spooling up thanks to 6 exhaust ports feeding each unit.

Spinning all four wheels under hard acceleration through first and second gears doesn’t amount to much of a challenge for this awesome looking machine. Truly Californian in style with bright yellow paint, aftermarket wheels and no roof, it is a package that would be a memorable (and noisy!) experience.


[Source: Jalopnik]

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