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Steane Klose | Dec, 06 2007 | 2 Comments

When it comes to modern American muscle there is absolutely no doubt that the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 is the one that “fries my burger” best. Forget the Viper and Corvette, Mustang or even the yet to be released Camaro, they just don’t “do cool” as well as the Challenger – and I’m not alone with these thoughts.

With pricing only released on the 29th of November, there has been unprecedented demand for the new hottie on the block. In just the first day, 4,300 lucky Americans stumped up a deposit to get their name in the order book. If that wasn’t enough as of yesterday some 6,000 individuals had found their local dodge dealer and handed over the cash. Chrysler have at this stage only committed to producing 4,000 Challenger SRT-8’s each year which will leave a couple of thousand wannabe owners waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

To get this in perspective, it is still some months before the Challenger SRT8 even enters production and the actual production car is not due to be unveiled to the public until the Chicago Auto Show in February 2008! It just goes to show that there ain’t nothin like the pulling power of a Hemi and the SRT8 boasts 6.1-litres of pure unadulterated Hemi heaven – you’ve gotta love it.

There are only three colours available, Black, Silver or Hemi Orange and more than half of the orders taken have been for the Hemi Orange colour. Each of the SRT8’s features a numbered dash plaque and dual retro “carbon-fibre” hood stripes. The manufacturers suggested retail price is $40,095 including a $675 destination fee but there is at least one known case of a dealer selling a place in the queue on ebay for the suggested retail price plus a “little” extra.

I’ll take mine in silver thanks, or at least I would if it was coming to Australia but you guessed it…

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