Concrete Barriers To Appear On Westgate Freeway Photo:
Steane Klose | Mar, 12 2009 | 0 Comments

The Victorian State Government has announced that beginning next week, around 1km of concrete barriers will be installed on the Westgate Freeway between the Bolte Bridge and the Todd Rd exit, in an effort to eliminate weaving across lanes.

Roads Minister Tim Pallas explained that the installation of the concrete barriers would be the first of many upgrades to the Westgate aimed at improving safety and traffic flow.


Mr Pallas explained the reasoning behind the move:

“By separating the lanes, we are removing some of the weaving and merging that currently happens in that section, making it safer and easier for all.”

“Motorists will need to get into the correct lane in advance of their intended exit,”

Motorists heading west via the Todd Rd exit or the Bolte Bridge will be affected by the concrete barriers.

Those wishing to take the Todd Rd exit, including access to the Shell service station will now leave the motorway approximately 800 metres earlier than before.

Be sure to pay close attention to signage in the area to avoid needing to make any last minute decisions as work begins.

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