Citroen GT Concept: Hanging In There Photo:
Mike Stevens | Sep, 27 2008 | 0 Comments

If you didn’t know what was going on, you’d likely be wondering, “What’s with all these bloody photos of that white thing and a red blanket?” And it’d be a reasonable question.

Citroen, and partners in crime Sony, have unveiled yet another angle of the upcoming Citroen GT Concept, this time revealing a glimpse of the back end.

Following the theme at the front, revealed in more detail yesterday, the GT Concept’s booty blends sharp lines with smooth curves and two massive diffusers which likely form a direct, enclosed air passage from front to back. Stylised exhaust ends sit next to each diffuser, and Gill-like vents bring an almost amphibian angle to the image.

One thing is clear; we’re in for possibly the sleekest concept we’ve seen for a long time. Look for it at the Paris Motor Show.

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