Citroen DS2 Previewed In New Renderings Photo:
Mike Stevens | Jan, 19 2010 | 2 Comments

BASED ON THE Revolte concept revealed at Frankfurt late last year, Citroen is reportedly developing a new premium small car for its DS line-up, to be called DS2.

As our new renderings show, the production DS2 will likely leave behind the Revolte's ‘coral trout’ grille, narrow LED headlights and arching eyebrow lights in favour of more conventional units.

Despite the boldly-styled looks of the Revolte concept, there are more than a few 2CV-inspired features in its lines. As our renderings suggest, the more subtly-styled DS2 (certainly more subtle than the Revolte) could potentially embrace this heritage.

To cut costs, the back-hinged rear doors will likely be replaced although the accordion-style convertible roof could potentially make it to production.


Up back, we would expect the futuristic tail-lights and racing-inspired bumper of the concept to be dropped in favour of more production-friendly alternatives.

For power, the DS2 would likely utilise engine options from the upcoming C3 line-up, including ultra-efficient three-cylinder petrol engines.

Whether the Revolte does graduate to production status remains to be seen, and if it does, it won't necessarily be introduced as part of the DS line-up. Only time will tell.

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