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Citroen And Lacoste Team Up For New Concept Photo:
citroen_lacoste_concept_03 Photo: tmr
Citroen Lacoste Concept Photo:
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citroen_lacoste_concept_02 Photo: tmr
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Mike Stevens | Sep, 20 2010 | 1 Comment

Nary a motor show goes by lately without a new Citroen concept rearing its head, some stunning, some production-bound, and others... unique, at least.

The French carmaker is of course known for its ability to create vehicles that are both quirky and alluring, although its latest creation - the Citroen Lacoste Concept - definitely leans further to the former than to the latter.

Created in partnership with clothing label and fellow Gaul, Lacoste, the Citroen Lacoste Concept is not the manufacturer's first foray into fashion, with the GQbyCitroen concept appearing back in March this year.

Measuring 3.45 metres long, 1.8m wide and 1.52m tall and riding on a 2.3m wheelbase, the relatively small moonbuggy-like concept is powered not by the hybrid powertrains of most modern motor show concepts, but by a three-cylinder petrol engine.

Power and performance figures have not been revealed (with a production future unlikely, it hardly seems to matter), though Citroen claims the Lacoste Concept offers "plenty of power for a vehicle of this size."

Citroen was expected to reveal a new concept late last month with an "assertive personality," but it never materialised. Is the Citroen Lacoste Concept the new creation in question?

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