Chrysler PT Cruiser Finished Cruising, Australian Sales Ending Q4 2010 Photo:
Mike Stevens | Jun, 30 2010 | 3 Comments

It was among the first of the faddish retro-styled models of the past decade, but after 10 years and one or two reprieves, the ageing Chrysler PT Cruiser has reportedly come to the end of its cruise.

With around 1.3 million global sales to its credit, the PT Cruiser has been a strong performer for the brand, particularly in its early years when it outsold all expectations.

In Australia, the PT Cruiser has become the slowest seller for Chrysler, with just 52 sales this year compared to the Sebring Cabrio's 60, the 300C's 232 sales and 107 for the Voyager peopl- mover.

While variants in the PT Cruiser line-up included a turbocharged hardtop and a convertible, only the convertible and regular non-turbo hardtop were offered in Australia.

With few updates in recent years and none planned for the future, the end is clearly near - officially or not.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the last PT Cruiser will roll off the production line on July 9, and Chrysler Australia's Dean Bonthorne has confirmed to TMR this week that local sales will end "at the end of this year."

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