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Steane Klose | Aug, 07 2007 | 0 Comments

It’s all happening at Chrysler this week. A new logo and a new leader who is rumoured to be working for $1 per year, mark the start of what is hoped to be the big turn-around.

Chrysler unveiled their new pentastar logo which the more mature readers will notice is really the old Chrysler logo making a comeback. The new Chrysler has been renamed and is now Chrysler LLC. To go with the new name and the new logo is a new lifetime powertain warranty which is the new industry leading warranty.


To top it all off, the old boss of Home Depot in the States, Bob Nardelli has taken over as Chrysler LLC CEO while the previous CEO, Tom LaSorda has been moved to second in command. You could be forgiven for thinking that all is not peachy keen between the new and old bosses given the picture above (that’s LaSorda in the background). Check out the article at Automoiles De Luxe A picture is worth a thousand words for more on this classic photo.

"Chrysler has many deeply talented and dedicated people, and I am confident that together we can continue the momentum of Chrysler's recovery and return this great American icon to a path for global growth and competitiveness," Nardelli said in a statement.

Nardelli is a former General Electric executive, and he was given credit for overhauling purchasing and technology systems at Home Depot during his tenure. He left Home Depot with a massive severance package valued at $US210 million that included a $US20 million cash pay-out! His severance package was widely criticized as being excessive…

It is not officially known what Nardelli’s remuneration at Chrysler LLC will be but it is rumoured that his package is $1 dollar per year with bonuses tied into the performance of the company, which all sounds a bit more reasonable...doesn't it.


Sources: Automotive News and Automobiles De Luxe

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