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Steane Klose | Jan, 06 2009 | 2 Comments

Following news that it has received its first US$4 billion in funds from the US Government, Chrysler has revealed that it is taking the task of cost-cutting very seriously.

In a move that should please some US taxpayers (it is their money after all), Chrysler has announced details of its appearance at this year's Detroit Motor Show, and saving money is the name of the game.

Chrysler, renowned for its extravagance when revealing new products, will take a more 'low key' approach this year. So, there will not be a new model Dodge Ram leading 120-odd head of cattle this year... nor will there will be a free luncheon (damn, that's gonna hurt)... and Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge executives will have to pay for their own tickets to the charity ball... shock horror!


Rick Deneau, Director - Product, Brand and Sales Communications, had this to say of Chrysler's renewed focus:

"Over the years, Chrysler has earned a reputation for the most memorable and eye-catching product reveals. We're proud of that. But in the new reality, our press event this year will be more straightforward, reflecting our need to run more efficiently during a tough environment."

All three Chrysler brands, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge, will share the same stand and, in Rick's own words, "there will be far less glitz and no giveaways this year".

For the 'Big Three', this is now the only way to do things. When you're running on borrowed time, and money, and down to the bones of your arse, putting on an extravagant performance would not garner any favour in the Congress or from a cynical public. It would seem Chrysler has correctly read its mail.

We'll bring you all the latest from the Chrysler stands when the Detroit Show opens with the media preview on January 11th. So stay tuned to see what the old 'pentastar' has up its sleeve.

[Source: Firehouse.biz]

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