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Camaro Convertible Concept Photo:

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Steane Klose | May, 13 2007 | 1 Comment

More photos of GM’s stunning drop-top Camaro have surfaced on the internet. The Camaro is based on the Australian designed Zeta mid-size rear-drive platform that currently underpins our VE Commodore.

The Zeta architecture means that Camaro will be equipped with an up to the minute independently sprung rear end. If feedback on the VE Commodore is anything to go by it will endow the Camaro with world-class levels of grip, feel and ride compliance.

Despite Bob Lutz, the cigar chomping boss of GM blurting that rear drive platform development was on pause a few weeks ago, the play button has been pushed and Camaro will become a reality and GM will thankfully continue to produce rear-drive vehicles…just more efficient ones.


Speaking of efficiency…most reports on Camaro have suggested it will be available in V6 and V8 variants, with the V8 expected to be the LS2 6.0-litre small-block that produces around 300kw (400hp), the same engine as currently found in our HSV range. Don’t be surprised to see the new 6.2-litre LS3 small block make an appearance in place of the LS2. The LS3 is now standard fitment in the Corvette so the fate of the orphaned LS2 is a little uncertain in this writers opinion.

The spectacular Orange paintwork is called Hugger Orange pearl tri-coat and harks back to the 1969 Camaro (the model year that inspired the Camaro Concept) that was also available in Hugger Orange.

In fact ‘Hugger’ was GM’s marketing department’s nickname for the original Camaro. Not because it was overly affectionate but because it supposedly ‘hugged’ the road… That is certainly a debatable point of view with regard to the 69 Camaro but rest assured that the new Camaro with a little help from Zeta will be a real road hugger.


Rumour around the net is that the Camaro Coupe will be in production sometime in 2008 with the Convertible set to follow in 2009. Rumour also has it that at the very least we will see the Coupe in Australia and you would think that the convertible would be a logical addition when it becomes available…not that logic has much to do with these decisions sometimes.

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