BMW Performance Power Kit Offers More Go To Turbo-Charged Bimmers Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Feb, 17 2009 | 2 Comments

BMW Performance is now offering an upgrade to turbo-charged BMW owners eager to get more power out of their Bimmers without exposing themselves to the potentially dodgy work of an after-market tuner (well, perhaps some of the small 'fly-by-nighters').

The twin-turbo six-cylinder N54 engine found in the 335i and 135i can now get a 15kW (20hp) power and 50Nm (36lb-ft) torque boost from the BMW Performance Power Kit, courtesy of new software and hardware upgrades.


Maintaining the BMW warranty, the kit is made up of ECU tweaking and additional water cooling for the turbo system.

The effect on performance is marginal, with standstill launches expected to be around 0.2 seconds faster, and passing (acceleration when overtaking) 0.5 seconds quicker than previously. As there’s no pricing information available yet, it’s tough to say if the kit is worth it, but we’ll keep you updated as more information is made available.

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