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Steane Klose | Apr, 04 2007 | 0 Comments

I first previewed pictures of the new M3 here. More and better pictures are now available and its a red one this time, which means it must be fast.

Details of powertrain remain unchanged at this stage. It is basically the current M5/M6 V10 with a couple of cylinders left in the parts bin. It shares the same 90-degree V configuration and is expected to top 300kW and 400Nm. It has the usual Double-Vanos variable valve timing as seen on the outgoing 6 cylinder M3 engine and individual throttle bodies for each cylinder Nissan GTR style.

The new interior can be seen below and appears to be functionally teutonic. You still can't beat an Audi interior. I-drive is hidden away in the centre console as normal, hopefully they have made it a little more user friendly.


At this stage the new M3 is looking like appearing on our shores in early 08. I'll keep you posted as more becomes known.

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