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Steane Klose | May, 08 2007 | 0 Comments

Mmmm Rumours

Rumours about BMW wanting to wave the magic M-wand over their lackluster one-series is nothing new. Enthusiasts have been wiping the drool from their chins ever since these rumours first surfaced coincidentally around the same time as the next M3 was rumoured to be a V8.


Well it appears that there is some substance backing the rumoured revival of the M1 badge. However, this time around it won’t be an ultra-rare six-cylinder super car…oh no. Instead it will be reincarnated as an ultra-fast six-cylinder One series smallish family sort of a car.

This terror of supermarket carparks is likely to feature the same 3.2-litre 250Kw six-cylinder engine found in the outgoing M3 sparing us all a sad farewell to this magnificent motor for the forseable future at least. However some substantial work is required to make this manic six-cylinder more CO2 and fuel friendly to appease some of the Euro and US markets.

The pictures are artist impressions provided by CarOnline and give you an idea what an M1 may look like.

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