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BMW Concept C Scooter Revealed Photo:
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045553.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045554.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045555.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045556.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045557.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045558.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045559.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045560.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045561.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045562.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045563.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045564.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045565.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045566.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045567.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045568.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045569.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045570.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045571.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045572.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045573.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045574.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045575.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045576.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045577.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045578.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045580_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045589_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045590_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045591_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045592_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045593_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045594_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045595_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045596_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045597_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045598_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045599_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045600_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045601_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045606_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045607_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045608_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045609_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045610_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045611_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045612_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045613_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045614_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045616_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045617_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045619_image.jpg Photo: tmr
2009_bmw_s-1000-rr_p90045620_image.jpg Photo: tmr
bmw_concept_c_scooter_concept_01 Photo: tmr
bmw_concept_c_scooter_concept_12 Photo: tmr
bmw_concept_c_scooter_concept_02 Photo: tmr
bmw_concept_c_scooter_concept_11 Photo: tmr
bmw_concept_c_scooter_concept_03 Photo: tmr
bmw_concept_c_scooter_concept_05 Photo: tmr
bmw_concept_c_scooter_concept_04 Photo: tmr
bmw_concept_c_scooter_concept_06 Photo: tmr
bmw_concept_c_scooter_concept_07 Photo: tmr
bmw_concept_c_scooter_concept_08 Photo: tmr
bmw_concept_c_scooter_concept_09 Photo: tmr
bmw_concept_c_scooter_concept_10 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Nov, 03 2010 | 1 Comment

Not to be left behind by the recent scooter concept of its sub-brand MINI, BMW has revealed its own decidedly more futuristic scooter concept at the Milan Motorcycle Show.

The (un)imaginatively named Concept C is a look at BMW's plans for an expanded Motorrad line-up that will cater more to the urban commute.

BMW says the Concept C will lead to two production scooters, both powered by conventional internal combustion engines, although an all-electric version may launch sometime in the future.

Few technical details for the scooter have been released (the concept likely has no engine at all), but BMW has revealed that, at least in show form, the Concept C features two video cameras in lieu of traditional wing mirrors.

The Concept C also features a complex monolever with a hollowed-out shaft connected to a suspension strut visible from the outside.

Twin disc brakes and ABS handle braking, while a CVT transmission gets power to the rear wheel.

Despite its futuristic styling, large LCD display and LED headlights, the Concept C is also clearly inspired by BMW Motorrad's hero bikes, the S 1000 RR and the K1600GT.

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