BMW 5 Series GT To Get Turbo, But Just The One Photo:
Mike Stevens | May, 27 2009 | 0 Comments

THE 3.0 LITRE TWIN-TURBO inline-six N54 engine used in more than a few BMW models over the past four years has been a source of spine-tingling pleasure for Bimmer fans the world over, winning International Engine of the Year in 2008.

Now news has come down that BMW will offer the engine in the upcoming 5 Series GT - minus one turbo.

Referred to as the N55, the engine variant will be based on the N54, utilising the same direct-injection system, but adding BMW's Valvetronic technology and gaining forced induction from a single turbo rather than the previous twin-turbo setup.

Power for the N55 engine is rated at 225kW and 400Nm, short of the N54's 243kW and 450Nm, but that peak torque is available at 1200rpm - 300rpm lower than its twin-turbo cousin, an important point for the large GT.

The N55 is believed to be more fuel-efficient than its forebear, with figures rumoured to show the N55-powered 535i GT achieving around 11 l/100km (there is no official word on that score though).

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