BMW 1-Series 135i coupe Photo:

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Steane Klose | Jun, 28 2007 | 0 Comments

Editors note - It is speculation no longer. BMW have confirmed that there will be a 135i coupe. 0-100 km/h will be bowled over in 5.3 seconds all with an average fuel consumption figure of 9.4 L/100. You can read more about it here BMW UK

We have previously mentioned the rumour of a possible 135i coupe and this photo that Carscoop have found on 1addicts.com appears to confirm the belief that a red hot 135i coupe will be on offer.

We have featured better pictures of the 135i coupe but none with a numberplate as provocative as this one… The idea of BMW squeezing its 228Kw twin-turbo 3.0-litre six-cylinder into the little 1-Series is enough to make our eyes glaze over in anticipation as we try to supress 'Tim the Toolman' power grunts. A little jigger like this would have to give all six-cylinder M3’s a serious run for their money.

Carscoop have noted that the 1-Series in the picture uses the same exhaust as the 535i fitted with the twin-turbo mill and that the picture appears to have been taken at some sort of BMW presentation or marketing shoot by someone with their mobile phone camera, which suggests it is the genuine article.

We think the 135i is on the way and M3 fans will be glad that their weapon of choice has made the shift to V8 power...

You can read more about the BMW 1-Series coupe by clicking on the link below:

BMW 1-Series coupe spy photos

Source : Carscoop

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