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Steane Klose | Jul, 25 2007 | 0 Comments

We know Jeremy doesn’t have a lot of time for Americans in general and American cars in-particular which is a shame (about the people) but in some ways understandable about some of their cars.

It is a stance no-doubt at least partly contrived for the benefit of his large worldwide following for whom the latest fad is kicking the ‘big fella’ (USA) in the nuts just for the heck of it. Tall Poppy syndrome we call it in Australia and we are good at it.

So it comes as a bit of a surprise that the BBC are looking at producing an American version of the worlds favourite car-show Top Gear. Predictably, Jezza has said he is not interested in leaving his family and home in the UK to chase super-stardom in the USA.

The US based show would involve the three and a half car crazies from the UK series, Jeremy, Richard, James and the Stig spending four months of the year in the US filming the alternative series.


Rather an odd turn-around from the BBC who was rumoured to be considering abandoning the show after Richard Hammond’s jet powered dragster accident in 2006.

Word from the BBC is that they may consider an American series without Jeremy, but that would be a huge mistake. Remember our very own Drive? The lack-lustre lead, a studio audience of 13 bogans and hot laps being carried out by…’The Chip’. Spare the Americans a similar embarrassment and just stick with the UK series. Top Gear is aired in most countries around the world and is one formula that is best left original.

Source : Pistonheads

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