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BMW 335i giving Mt Panorama a good shake. Currently the poll-sitter going into the race leading a pack of Evo's and STi's.

The Bathurst 12 Hour Showroom Enduro is due to start at 5:45am tomorrow (Easter Sunday). Live timing will be available via the Bathurst International Motor Festival website for those unable to make it to the track.

It doesn't look as though there will be any live TV coverage but you can expect 2 hours of footage on the Nine Network on Saturday April 28 and if you have access to FOX SPORTS then watch 'Inside Speed' on Wednesday sometime in early May...

Hopefully this year's event turns out to be a worthwhile production and next years race is picked up for some live coverage over the actual weekend.

The following transcript has been taken from the official Bathurst International Motor Festival website and include top 10 qualifying results and various class entries.

In a major coup for the WPS 12-Hour Showroom Enduro the official event website, will have live timing throughout tomorrow’s qualifying and racing on Sunday. Updated minute by minute, live timing means fans will also have the opportunity to see the actual race positioning and fastest lap achieved by each entrant.

WPS 12-Hour Showroom Enduro Top 10 Qualifying

1. P. Morris-C. Baird-G. Holt (BMW 335i) 2:32.134

2. R. Bates-B. Hughes-P. Gazzard (Mitsubishi EVO) 2:32.316

3. C. Pither-B. Lynton-B. Morcom (BMW 335i) 2:32.854

4. N. Crompton-G. Denyer-C. Alajajian (Subaru WRX sti) 2:34.326

5. M. King-M. Brame-B. Pearson-J.Walsh (Mitsubishi EVO) 2:34.661

6. T. Sipp-C. D'Agostin-S. Nicholas (Subaru WRX sti) 2:35.033

7. C. Atkinson-D. Heridge-C. Crocker (Subaru WRX sti) 2:35.959

8. B. Pearson-A. Metchler-B. Stewart (Mitsubishi EVO) 2:37.876

9. L. Searle-P. Kelly (BMW 130i) 2:38.414

10. G. Walden-B. Walden-M. Auld (Commodore SS) 2:38.778

Final Entry List WPS 12 Hour Showroom Enduro

Class 1 – Penrite Rear Wheel Drive Performance Cars

Car - Sponsor – Drivers

# 2 Ford TE 50 – Kitome Pty Ltd - Dean Neville/Brad Lowe/Ben Nielson/Darrell Dixon

#12 Ford Typhoon - Robinson Racing Developments – Michael Trimble/David Ryan/Andrew Fawcett/Michael Craig

#17 BMW 335i - Rondo - Barry Morcom/Beric Lynton/Chris Pither

#20 BMW 335i – Eastern Creek Karts - Gary Holt/Paul Morris/Craig Baird

Class 2 – Sonax All Wheel Drive Performance Cars

Car - Sponsor – Drivers

#7 Subaru WRX-Sti - Subaru Australia – Grant Denyer/Neil Crompton/Chris Alajajian

#15 Mitsubishi EVO8 - Scott's Transport - Bob Hughes Special Vehicle - Bob Hughes/Rick Bates/Peter Gazzard

#25 Subaru WRX-Sti - WBR-Wilson Brothers Racing- Tim Sipp/Christian D'Gostin/Scott Nicholas

#33 Mitsubishi EVO8 - Pro-Duct Motorsport Pty Ltd - Bob Pearson/Anton Metchler/Bruce Stewart

#38 Mitsubishi EVO8 - Pro-Duct Motorsport Pty Ltd – Bob Pearson/Mark King/Mark Brame/Jason Walsh

#91 Subaru WRX Sti - Gary Dean Constructions/ Truffle Group Catering - Gary Deane/Rob Rubis

#98 Subaru WRX Sti - Subaru Australia - Chris Atkinson/Dean Herridge/Cody Crocker

Class 3 - APCC Hot Hatches

Car - Sponsor – Drivers

#3 BMW 130i – S.A.E College - Luke Searle/Peter Kelly

#4 Holden Astra Turbo – Nathan Pretty/Jason Richards/Shane Price/Jack Perkins

#9 BMW 130i – Australian Motor Finance – Andrew Moffat/David Russell/Shaun Juniper

#10 BMW 130i – Bended Elbow – Dean Grant/Mark Cini/Mark Eddy

#27 Mazda 3 MPS – Thrifty Car Rental - Allan Shephard/Steve Briffa/Martin Bailey

Class 4 - APCC Production Sports and Touring Sedans

Car - Sponsor – Drivers

#21 Ford XR8 – Century 21 Hazelbrook - Chris Delfsma/Jack Elsegood/John Bowe

#24 Holden SS - Wilsons Solicitors and Accountants Penrith/ Syd-Fab - Brian Walden/Garth Walden/Michael Auld

#66 Ford Falcon BF XR6 Turbo - Lakeside Motorsport Park - Denis Cribbin/Roland Hill/Paul Jenkins


#94 Ford XR6 Turbo - Aporscheapart - Richard Howe/Denis O'Keefe/Paul Faulkner/Don Tryhorn

#99 Ford Falcon BF XR6 Turbo - Team Queensland Racing - Alan Letcher/David Turner/Nathan Callaghan

Class 5- APCC Production Hatch and Sedans

Car - Sponsor – Drivers

#13 Toyota Celica – Osborne Motorsport – Colin Osborne/Neal Bates/John Roecken

#14 Honda Integra R – Hankook Tyres/DBA - Peter Conroy/Terry Conroy/Bob Hadley

#31 Toyota Celica – Osborne Motorsport – Carl Schembri/Leigh Mertens/David Mertens

#40 BMW 323i - Dayco/Wefil Cooper/Nippon/Max/On Track Motorsport - Shane Smollen/Phil Alexander/Paul Stubber/Gary Mennell

#50 Mini Cooper S – Mid-West Multimedia - Trevor Keene/Andrew Bretherton/Tim Slade

#72 Toyota Celica – Thrifty Car Rental – Helen Stig/ Amber Anderson/Danielle Argiro/Len Cave

#77 Honda Integra R – - Richard Mork/Richard Prince/Peter Vicary/Martin Rambow

Class 6 - APCC Production Micro Sports and Coupes

Car - Sponsor – Drivers

#11 BMW 120 - Sherrin Motorsport – Iain Sherrin/Grant Sherrin/Stuart Jones/Jim Wallace

#88 Subaru Impreza RS - Jim Hunter’s Suspension - Jim Hunter/Warren Bossie/Jayson Williamson/Mathew Windsor

Class 7 - Eco Diesel Over 3.5 Litre

Car - Sponsor – Drivers

#76 Alfa Romeo - Thomson Alfa Romeo- David Stone/Keene Booker/Rocco Rinaldo

Class 8 - Eco Diesel 3.5 Litres and Under

Car - Sponsor – Drivers

#6 Holden Astra CDTi Turbo - Bendon – Samantha Reid/Christina Orr/Leanne Tander/Lauren Gray

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