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Steane Klose | Dec, 01 2007 | 1 Comment

Supercar crashes are not rare events, witness the websites that specialise in posting pictures and videos of these regular events. Unfortunately, driving ability is not something you are generally born with, it is something that is worked at and nurtured by those interested enough to do so. To the vast majority, it is just another daily task to which little thought is given.

With this in mind, Bugatti have decided to offer a driving course to new Veyron owners at the Anneau du Rhin circuit in Colmar, France. Bugatti are hoping to imbue new owners with the basic skills required to handle the 1001hp supercar before letting them loose on public roads.

The course will cover the very basics, such as high-speed braking, lane changing and even a slalom course, with the tests being undertaken in both wet and dry conditions. It will all be finished off with a high-speed lap or two of the track.

Great idea Bugatti and one that other performance car manufacturers should look at introducing.

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