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Steane Klose | Apr, 12 2007 | 1 Comment

I have to admit that this broad shouldered hunk of Bavarian beefcake is one of my all-time favourite performance sedans. It's generally considered to be a better machine than the soon to be superceded BMW M3 and we all know that Audi used the M3 as its benchmark when screwing the RS4 together.

Audi RS4 - Newly crowned performance car king of the world

As previously reported the Lexus LS460 walked off with the silverware for the World Car of the Year title. Which is nice and Lexus should be congratulated but we all know it's just the support act for the World Performance Car of the Year title...isn't it?

This year the Audi RS4 took the crown voted to the top of the rostrum by a panel of motoring journalists from 22 countries. The announcement was made at this years New York motor show.


The king of the worlds crown - 4.2-litres 300kW and 400Nm of goodness

The judges waxed lyrical about the Audis all paw quattro 4wd system and noted that the build quality was close to perfect. In fact their favourite aspect of the Audi RS4 was the noise it made when you gave it a good kick in the guts...although they didn't use those exact words.

It is simply a stunning creation. I have never read a bad word about the Audi RS4. The 4.2-litre V8 is generally thought to be one of the best engines of all time and for the first time Audi have achieved near perfect handling by paying close attention to weight distribution and tuning of the suspension and AWD quattro system.


You can tell that there are happy Germans with smiley faces at Audi and very serious looking Germans with knitted brows at BMW. You can tell all of this by their really can.

The Audi RS4 is on top for the moment but it's rearview mirror is rapidly filling with a screaming 'new generation' BMW M3 V8 that virtually mirrors it's specifications - quattro system aside. The stage is being set for the clash of the performance saloon titans, once again.

My money is still on the Audi RS4. It's amazing what Audi have achieved by giving their more docile S4 a good boot in the lederhosen.

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