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Steane Klose | May, 19 2007 | 0 Comments

When I think of ‘speedster’ and ‘german’ it’s the beautiful Porsche speedsters that have always come to mind. The classic late 50’s 356 or late 80’s 911 speedsters are beautiful impractical classics.

Audi, who appear to be hell bent on world domination of the prestige and performance car market have released their version of a german speedster and although it lacks the simple elegance of the Porsche 356, it has all the style and drama required to be an instant hit for purveyors of bugs in your teeth motoring.

The Audi clubsport quattro is most definitely a concept vehicle/design study but Audi have not ruled out a limited production run of what it considers the ultimate evolution of their TT Roadster.

The clubsport quattro is powered by Audi’s brilliant 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder TFSI engine which has been combined with Audi’s trademark Quattro all-wheel-drive system. The wick has been wound up on the 2.0-litre and with the help of a new intake manifold and direct injection it develops in excess of 227kw which is truly remarkable for an engine of this size.


The clubsport quattro uses Audi’s S-tronic six-speed direct-shift transmission which enables the driver to choose between a full automatic or manual control mode. S-tronic is able to effect gear changes within a fraction of a second and can out-perform normal manual transmissions. Makes you feel like just another ham-fisted human...

There is no doubting that the clubsport quattro is a bold design and very Audi although if you tilt your head on a 33-degree angle and squint you can see hints of 1934 vitreous enamel bath-tub.


Featuring 20-inch wheels (no big deal these days…), a tiny ‘speedster’ style windscreen and smooth panels thanks to the removal of the door handles (doors are remote controlled) the clubsport quattro has somehow managed to combine the boxy beauty of the original TT with a dose of Darth Vader phantom menace.

Audi says the clubsport quattro is the TT in its purest form. Expect a production version to be a little less pure and a little more practical…

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