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Aston One-77 Interior Revealed Via Leaked Document? Photo:
one-77-leaked-19.jpg Photo: tmr
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one-77-leaked-25.jpg Photo: tmr
one-77-leaked-02.jpg Photo: tmr
one-77-leaked-30.jpg Photo: tmr
Steane Klose | Mar, 13 2009 | 1 Comment

New information on Aston Martin's One-77 supercar has recently been revealed thanks to a leaked document published by Dutch auto site 925.nl.

Until now we've not even been given a glimpse inside the concept car, which manufacturers usually kit out in weird and wonderful ways to increase publicity.

Ultimately most of these 'show-car only' interiors never make production.

Of course we can't be certain that these images are the real deal but, given the car's USD $1.5 million price tag, an interior of this nature would not be out of the question.


The angular lines and sweeping centre console would look right at home beneath the One-77's menacing bodywork.

Aside from the interior shots, the leaked document also reveals various technical specs of the car while showing the One-77 at various stages in its development process.

Hit the gallery below to take a closer look at some of the inner workings of Aston Martin's One-77 Supercar.

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