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Steane Klose | Oct, 19 2007 | 2 Comments

In a poll recently conducted for the MPH 07 travelling road show, folks were asked to vote on their favourite ‘piece of ass’…in the world of cars. The posterior poll oddly enough featured the sort of cars that you are only likely to see the rear of in the real world anyway with a couple of exceptions.

The best ‘piece of ass’ award went to the Aston Martin DBS which narrowly nosed in front of the Bugatti Veyron for line honours. Alfa Romeo’s stunning 8C Competizione came in third. Interestingly, women preferred the brawny Veyron’s bottom while men preferred the elegance of the DBS.

Those polled were obviously given a list of cars to rank – which is the only way I can comprehend anything from the current BMW range making its way into a top ten styling competition.

Position - Men / Women

1/. - Aston Martin DBS / Bugatti Veyron

2/. - Bugatti Veyron / Aston Martin DBS

3/. - Audi R8 / Alfa 8C Competizione

4/. - Jaguar XK / Audi R8

5/. - Alfa 8C Competizione / Jaguar XK

6/. - Maserati Quattroporte / Maserati Quattroporte

7/. - Honda Type R / BMW 3-Series Coupe

8/. - Fiat 500 / Honda Type R

9/. - BMW 3-Series Coupe / Volvo C30

10/. - Volvo C30 / Fiat 500


[Source: MPH 07]


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