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Steane Klose | Aug, 23 2007 | 6 Comments

According to Autoextremist the possibility of America’s favourite front-engined sports car going to a mid-engined layout for its 7th generation incarnation is more than just a rumour.

Autoextremist claim they have the ear of one or two GM heavies and these super reliable sources have confirmed that a mid-engined Corvette has gone beyond the planning stages with engineering already being well underway.

The Corvette has been America’s affordable iconic muscle car since its inception and it is this very formula of cost effective performance that has hindered moves to a mid-engined layout. Expensive transaxles and complicated engine cooling requirements would have moved a mid-engined Corvette from Muscle car to Supercar…both in performance and pricing.


According to Autoextremist, a way has been found to develop the mid-engined layout without massively increasing the price. Try a mid-engined Corvette for current model Corvette convertible money!

Having found a solution to engineering a mid-engined car cost-effectively, GM are believed to be analyzing every aspect of the mid-engined Corvette business case. There is more to it than just selling well priced performance cars though. GM would like to be the second American manufacturer to take the flag at the Le Mans 24-hour race and a mid-engined Corvette offers them a chance to achieve this with a modified production car.

Autoextremist believe that the green light will be given to the project in early September this year and that 2010 will see the introduction of the C7 mid-engined Corvette road car and Le Mans racer. Should be a good year!


[Source: Autoextremist via Jalopnik]

[Image source: Performance Driving Network]

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