2012 Volvo XC30 Project Underway, C30 Five-Door Planned Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Mar, 19 2010 | 0 Comments

VOLVO IS REPORTEDLY preparing a new addition to its XC range of crossovers, with the C30 expected to form the basis of a pint-sized challenger to the upcoming BMW X1 and MINI Countryman.

Far from being just a jacked-up version of the C30 with extra plastic body cladding, the future Volvo compact crossover (said to be called XC30) will likely be styled after the bigger XC60.

Powertrain options are unknown at this stage, but expect the C30’s current range of five-cylinder petrol and four-cylinder turbodiesel engines to be used. All-wheel drive will be offered, but front-wheel drive variants are also a distinct possibility.

The XC30 is believed to be slated for an official debut sometime in 2012.

A stretched variant of the C30 is in the works too, with Volvo keen to broaden the appeal of its city car by employing a more practical five-door body.

The car, which would presumably carry the C50 moniker, has been rumoured about since 2007, but Volvo has only just started to move on plans to build its own competitor to the BMW 1 Series.

Volvo also recently announced that it will be commencing trials of an all-electric C30 model, which has entered limited production as part of the Swedish automaker’s alternative propulsion research.

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