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Suzuki Swift Sport To Feature In New Swift Line-up Photo:
2011_suzuki_swift_23 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_08 Photo: tmr
2010_suzuki_swift_sport_01 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_28 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_12 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_03 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_33 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_16 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_21 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_06 Photo: tmr
2010_suzuki_swift_sport_02 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_27 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_10 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_32 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_17 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_01 Photo: tmr
2010_suzuki_swift_sport_04 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_22 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_24 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_11 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_31 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_14 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_02 Photo: tmr
2010_suzuki_swift_sport_05 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_20 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_26 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_09 Photo: tmr
2010 Suzuki Swift Sport Photo:
2011_suzuki_swift_30 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_15 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_04 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_19 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_25 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_07 Photo: tmr
2010_suzuki_swift_sport_06 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_29 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_13 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_05 Photo: tmr
2011_suzuki_swift_18 Photo: tmr

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Tony O'Kane | Feb, 09 2011 | 1 Comment


Development of the next-generation Suzuki Swift Sport is already well under way, however a 2011 debut is unlikely.

According to a source within Suzuki who is involved in the project, the 2012 Swift Sport will – like the model currently on sale – have a larger engine than the rest of the range. However it's unclear whether that engine will be a development of the current Swift Sport's 92kW 1.6 litre M16A inline four, or a different engine altogether.

A turbocharged or supercharged powerplant is not likely, however with the 2011 Swift having downsized to an all-new 1.4 litre powerplant, a tuned version of the old Swift's 1.5 litre M15A inline four is also a possibility.

The new Swift Sport's suspension tune will feature greater roll resistance and firmer damper valving, as well as stiffer springrates. According to the source, the new 2011 Swift now possesses similar handling to the current Swift Sport, with the upcoming 2012 Swift Sport to boast even better on-road dynamics.

Steering will continue to be electrically-assisted, but changes to the power steering tune will improve feedback and provide a sportier feel.

Suzuki's engineers are also keeping a close eye on weight, but the new FZ-generation Swift Sport is not expected to be any lighter than the current RS Swift Sport.

The RS Swift Sport will continue to sell alongside the new 2011 Swift range, however supplies are limited. A local debut for the new FZ Swift Sport is still some way off, however a global unveiling may occur at this year's Tokyo Motor Show in December.

Pictured at top: Suzuki R Swift concept.


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