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Mike Stevens | Apr, 09 2010 | 4 Comments

THE NEXT generation Range Rover, expected to debut in 2012, will reportedly maintain its iconic styling while cutting nearly half a tonne from its waistline.

A new report by British magazine Autocar this week claims that the 2012 Range Rover will weigh around 450kg less than its precessor, courtesy of a riveted aluminium chassis - similar to the platform underpinning the 2010 Jaguar XJ. The unpainted body shell is expected to weigh about 40 percent less than the current platform.

The new Range Rover's diet should result in a significant improvement to fuel economy, the report claiming fuel consumption could be as low as 7.0 l/100km, bettering many sedans and coming close to the Hybrid Camry's 6.0 l/100km.

Drivetrain options are expected to carry over from the current line-up, along with the new 3.0 litre V6 turbodiesel currently offered with the Jaguar XF and XJ. Land Rover and Jaguar are also working on a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, to debut around late 2012.

Codenamed L405, the all-new Range Rover is reportedly in the final stages of engineering development, with styling to be nailed down around the middle of this year.

An improved drag co-efficient and a lower roofline should also contribute to the new Range Rover's improved fuel economy. Interior space is also expected to increase thanks to a longer wheelbase.

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