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2012 BMW 1 Series Coupe And Convertible Coming To Australia In Q3 2011 Photo:
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_28 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_06 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_coupe_and_convertible_05 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_11 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_21 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_02 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_coupe_and_convertible_08 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_23 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_07 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_coupe_and_convertible_03 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_12 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_16 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_coupe_and_convertible_07 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_26 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_01 Photo: tmr
2012 BMW 1 Series Coupe And Convertible Photo:
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_10 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_coupe_and_convertible_06 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_15 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_22 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_04 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_coupe_and_convertible_11 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_09 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_coupe_and_convertible_02 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_13 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_25 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_05 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_coupe_and_convertible_10 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_27 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_08 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_coupe_and_convertible_04 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_14 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_24 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_m_coupe_03 Photo: tmr
2012_bmw_1_series_coupe_and_convertible_09 Photo: tmr

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Mike Stevens | Dec, 16 2010 | 1 Comment

With development continuing on the new 2012 1 Series Hatch, BMW has today announced a series of modest updates for the 1 Series Coupe and Convertible.

Already previewed by the recently-revealed top-shelf 1 Series M Coupe, the 'regular' Coupe and Convertible models get updated lights, including a new LED strip up front and a similar update to the tail-lights.

Other exterior updates include new-design 17- and 18-inch alloy wheels, along with two new paint options: Marrakesh Brown and Vermillion Red.

The front bumper also comes in for a modest update, gaining reshaped air intakes to channel air through the front wheel arches and across the face of the wheels, reducing wind resistance.

The 135i gets a new rear differential, optimised for improved performance and fuel consumption, along with a new rear lip spoiler for increased downforce at high speeds.

New interior features include a new leather-wrapped sports steering wheel with shift paddles, along with an M-branded version that also offers shift paddles.

Interior updates are rounded out by new button graphics and chrome highlights to the centre console, along with improved connectivity for iPod control and Blackberry devices.



Speaking with TMR today, BMW Australia's Piers Scott confirmed that both the 1 Series M Coupe and the updated 1 Series Coupe and Convertible models "will arrive in Australia around third quarter, next year".

Mr Scott also confirmed that BMW's all-new X3 medium SUV is scheduled to arrive in March, with details to be confirmed early next year.


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