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2011 Ford Fiesta Sedan And Hatch, With New Diesel And Twin-Clutch Auto Coming Late 2010 Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Aug, 09 2010 | 1 Comment

Ford Australia has today announced a number of significant updates to the local Fiesta line-up, including the brand's Powershift six-speed automatic transmission, the long-awaited Fiesta sedan bodystyle and wider availability of the Fiesta ECOnetic's 1.6 litre diesel engine. The updated range will go on sale later this year.

When the updated WT Fiesta range replaces the existing WS line-up, Ford's 1.6 litre diesel engine will be available with other Fiesta variants, offering diesel power outside of the ultra-efficiency-oriented Fiesta ECOnetic.

The diesel engine, to be made available with the WT Fiesta LX sedan, LX hatch or Zetec hatch (2011), lists fuel consumption figures of just 4.4 l/100km, compared to the 3.7 l/100km figures of the specially-calibrated ECOnetic variant.

A 1.6 litre petrol engine with manual transmission is standard across the updated Fiesta range, except for the ECOnetic and CL sedan variants. Producing 89kW and 151Nm of torque, the petrol engine lists fuel consumption figures of 6.1 l/100km.

The new WT Fiesta sedan, offering 430 litres of cargo space, will be available in both CL and LX grades.

Ford's Powershift six-speed double-clutch automatic transmission, already available with the larger Focus, will also feature in the updated Fiesta when it launches later this year. It will be available with the 1.6 litre petrol engine only.

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All WT Fiesta models will feature Ford's Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) as standard, a system previously available on CL and LX models as part of the Safety Pack.

The WT Fiesta's safety features will include up to seven airbags (five for Fiesta CL), ABS braking, Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) and traction control.

On the entertainment front, the Fiesta CL will come fitted with Bluetooth, partnered with voice-control technology. All models feature MP3 and AUX input connections for personal entertainment devices.

A new sports suspension system will underpin the sporty WT Fiesta Zetec hatch (available in Australia in the first quarter of 2011). This combines specially-tuned front struts, bushings and damper stabiliser bars to enhance driving performance. New sports front seats will feature inside the updated Zetec.

Along with the new additions to the Fiesta range, the hatch has also come in for an update inside and out. Exterior changes include a revised bumper design, new wheel styles and, in the case of the Fiesta CL, body-coloured bumpers.


At a Glance

In addition to the introduction of a sedan variant for CL and LX models, the following new equipment has been added to the WT Fiesta range.


Fiesta CL

  • Larger 89kW 1.6-litre Ti-VCT engine standard
  • Powershift® six-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission (optional on CL Hatch, standard on CL sedan)
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
  • Driver's beltminder
  • Passenger beltminder (included with optional Safety Pack)
  • New body-coloured bumpers
  • New wheel design
  • Bluetooth® with voice control
  • Six-speaker sound system
  • Stowage compartment under front passenger seat
  • Temporary Mobility Kit

Fiesta LX

Same as Fiesta CL but also includes:

  • 1.6-litre DV6 diesel engine with five-speed manual transmission (optional)
  • Side curtain/thorax airbags and driver's knee airbag with driver and passenger beltminders
  • New wheel design

Fiesta Zetec

Same as Fiesta LX but also includes:

  • All-new sports suspension
  • New sports seats
  • New Zetec wheel design
  • New sports front bumper and honeycomb grille

WT Fiesta Model Range

  • Fiesta ECOnetic 5D hatch - 1.6l diesel - 5-speed Manual - 66kW/200Nm - Available Now
  • Fiesta CL 5D hatch - 1.6l petrol - 5-speed Manual** - 89kW/151Nm - Available Q4 2010
  • Fiesta CL 4D sedan - 1.6l petrol - 6-speed Auto - 89kW/151Nm - Available Q4 2010
  • Fiesta LX 5D hatch - 1.6l petrol* - 5-speed Manual** - 89kW/151Nm - Available Q4 2010
  • Fiesta LX 4D sedan - 1.6l petrol* - 5-speed Manual** - 89kW/151Nm - Available Q4 2010
  • Fiesta Zetec 5D hatch - 1.6l petrol* - 5-speed Manual** - 89kW/151Nm - Q1 2011

* 1.6l diesel with 5-speed manual optionally available
** Powershift 6-speed dual-clutch automatic optionally available

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