2011 Range Rover Evoque Five-Door Spied Testing Photo:
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_16 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_02_victoria_beckham Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_15 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_lrx_five_door_spy_photos_spy_shots_04 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_lrx_five_door_spy_photos_spy_shots_09 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_08 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_21 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_06 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_spy_photos_02 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_10 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_05 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_09 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_14 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_01_evoque_front_three_quarter_view Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_14 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_lrx_five_door_spy_photos_spy_shots_03 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_19 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_20 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_04 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_lrx_five_door_spy_photos_spy_shots_07 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_07 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_02 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_10 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_15 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_03 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_08 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_lrx_five_door_spy_photos_spy_shots_02 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_11 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_17 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_05 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_18 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_lrx_five_door_spy_photos_spy_shots_10 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_06 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_04 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_08 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_13 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_spy_photos_04 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_13 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_07 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_19 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_01 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_17 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_lrx_five_door_spy_photos_spy_shots_05 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_02 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_lrx_five_door_spy_photos_spy_shots_08 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_05 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_03 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_07 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_11 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_spy_photos_01 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_09 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_06 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_18 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_03 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_16 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_lrx_five_door_spy_photos_spy_shots_01 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_04 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_lrx_five_door_spy_photos_spy_shots_06 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_01 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_22 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_02 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_production_12 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_spy_photos_03 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_five_door_12 Photo: tmr
2011_range_rover_evoque_01 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Oct, 20 2010 | 2 Comments


Unveiled in its production form earlier this month, it's a wonder that Land Rover perseveres with camouflage for the five-door variant of the upcoming Range Rover Evoque.

As spy photos obtained this week show, with the longer Evoque twin undergoing final shakedown testing, the new SUV remains covered head-to-toe in the ubiquitous swirl pattern.

Despite its online unveiling, no other details or images for the five-door have been released at this stage.

Although LR design boss Gerry McGovern has acknowledged the benefit of a five-door version, it seems the three-door will be the star of the pair.

“The three-door coupe is the image-leading vehicle – that’s the vehicle we did as the concept. How it manifests itself when it comes into production, you’ll just have to wait and see," Mr McGovern told industry publication GoAuto.

“If you introduce the extra doors clearly you’re going to lift the roof at the back to give more headroom ... it would give you a slightly different look."

A "slightly different look" is precisely what the five-door Evoque bears. Its extra doors and more utility-minded purpose necessitating a longer body and that straighter, simpler roofline.

As with the three-door, the five-door Evoque will likely be powered by Land Rover's Si4 engine, the British company's version of Ford's EcoBoost 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine.

Weighing 40kg less than Land Rover's inline six, the Si4 engine offers a comparable output, producing 180kW and 360Nm of torque in the Evoque. This same engine is expected to debut in the Australian Ford Falcon sometime in 2011 or 2012.

Diesel engines will also be offered, both 2.2 litre four-cylinder engines producing 110kW and 140kW respectively, paired with either the six-speed auto or a six-speed manual transmission - the latter combined with a fuel-saving stop/start system.



The Evoque is set to go on sale in Europe in mid 2011; Land Rover Australia has confirmed a third quarter 2011 local launch.

Pricing has yet to be revealed.

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