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2011 Nissan Murano Update Revealed, No Immediate Plans For Australia Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Aug, 24 2010 | 1 Comment

Nissan has revealed the updated-for-2011 Nissan Murano this week ahead of its upcoming US launch. The unveiling of the updated Murano comes just one month after the arrival of a new diesel model (not set for Australia) with a tweaked front bumper.

Similar styling updates as those seen on the diesel model have made their way across to the petrol version. A lightly-modified front bumper showing sleek new foglight housings are among the more obvious changes.

A new air damn features in the centre of the updated front bumper, similar in style to the diesel model, but also smaller and more subtle (the diesel needing the increased cooling offered by the larger intake).

The front grille gets a blink-and-miss-it update, with a wider frame around the Nissan badge and a more modest approach to the vertical bars either side of the centre frame.

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Revised tail-lights feature at the rear, and new 18-inch alloy wheels have also been added to the 2011 line-up.

Inside, the instrument cluster now features a white backlight and, depending on the trim level, the centre stack and upholstery now features more colour/style choices.

New equipment, again depending on the spec, includes power lumbar support, RearView Monitor and auto-dimming rearview mirror, a seven-inch centre display, HomeLink Universal Transceiver and a heating steering wheel.

Engine options for the petrol range remain unchanged, the 2011 Murano driven by Nissan's 3.5 litre VQ35DE engine, producing 191kW and 336Nm of torque.

Speaking with TMR today, Nissan Australia's Jeff Fisher said that with the local Murano updated in March this year (gaining a new Dual Panel powered sliding sunroof and other new equipment), there are no immediate plans to bring the updated Murano to Australia.

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