2011 HSV Grange (WM3) Launched In Australia Photo:
2011 HSV WM3 Grange Photo:
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HSV Enhanced Driver Interface Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Sep, 06 2010 | 18 Comments

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Holden Special Vehicles has today revealed the 2011 HSV Grange, bringing with it more power, new technology and updated styling inspired by the company's E-Series 2 line-up.

On the styling front, the updated Grange takes a leaf out of the playbooks of its HSV stablemates, with a new look both front and rear.

As with the rest of the HSV line-up, the updated Grange also gets LED daytime running lights at each end of the front bumper.

"We have made the Grange a more dynamic looking car, and the update delivers greater on-road presence," HSV Chief of Design and Styling, Julian Quincey said.

"It definitely still retains the classy appearance and proportions that you expect from a luxury performance car; however, we have added a few more masculine-looking details like the DRL’s and the shockwave inspired exhaust tips."

Inside, the new Grange features two new updates: a new optional trim colour called Light Urban, and the all-new Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI); an intuitive touch-screen display that offers real-time data on vehicle dynamics and performance.

The 2011 Grange is the first model to feature the new HSV Enhanced Driver Interface
The 2011 Grange is the first model to feature the new HSV Enhanced Driver Interface

The 2011 Grange is the first HSV model - and first Holden for that matter - to feature the new EDI system.

"Our customers are passionate about driving, and this system is about delivering race bred technology in a new engaging way that is relevant to a road car,” HSV Managing Director, Phil Harding said.

"We are confident our customers are going to love the way they can access data, and interact with their car."

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Through the touch-screen display, HSV's EDI system offers a total of 11 different functions, allowing drivers to tap into the car's computer and monitor fuel consumption, stability, g-force and vehicle dynamics.

Other screens include data logging options, digital gauge displays, stopwatch, driver and racing options, along with controls for the Grange's Bi-Modal exhaust and Side Blind-Zone Alert.

Perhaps most appealing to HSV enthusiasts is the race screen, which utilises GPS technology to log and display your efforts on the race track, including lap times, fastest laps, and lap gain and loss.

As an added bonus, many of Australia's race tracks are featured in the system, combining GPS with programmed data to give drivers a more accurate record of their track exploits.

Gauge display options include instant fuel consumption, intake and external air temperature, power and torque, manifold pressure, elevation, LPI level for models fitted with HSV's LPI system, and exhaust pressure for models fitted with HSV's Bi-Modal exhaust system.

HSV has yet to reveal when the EDI system will make its way to the rest of its range, but we can likely expect it to begin filtering down in the next year.

Power for the 2011 Grange is provided by HSV's GM-sourced 6.2 litre LS3 V8, producing 325kW and 550Nm of torque. The updated Grange is only the second model in the HSV range to feature this range-topping powerplant, following the GTS.

The 2011 Grange will also be available with HSV’s new optional LPI technology, allowing the engine to operate on both LPG and regular unleaded petrol.

HSV says its LPI system offers improvements in running costs and emissions outputs of up to 15 percent, while retaining the LS3 engine's power and torque figures.

"LPI technology injects the LPG as a liquid rather than a vapour. This allows for cooler combustion and better metering, which allow us to maintain engine performance while reducing CO2 emissions," HSV engineering boss Joel Stoddart said.

In a first for any Australian-made car, the new Grange also gains Side Blind Zone Alert, warning drivers of objects passing through or sitting in the car's blind spot.

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