2011 Chrysler 300C Revealed, Australian Debut Set For Early 2012 Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Dec, 21 2010 | 5 Comments

2011 CHRYSLER 300C

With the customary inside-and-out teaser photos out of the way, Chrysler's next-generation 2011 300C has at last been revealed.

Clearly an evolution of the original and popular current-generation model, launched in 2005, the 2011 300C maintains its predecessor's American saloon image, while streamlining its brutish looks.

Up front, the new LED-endowed headlights offer a sleeker, sportier look, Chrysler's brand-new badge and shutter-shade grille take centre stage.

The evolution-over-revolution story remains the same along the new 300C's profile, looking almost identical to its predecessor but for the slight arch of the belt line and the smoother curve of the roof.

At the rear, the 2011 300C gets smaller taillights with an LED indicator strip running vertically down the centre of each light, and a subtle lip spoiler is built into the design of the boot lid.

On the inside, the new 300C represents a leap forward from the spartan interior of the outgoing first-generation 300C, offering a more modern and luxury-minded environment.

As with most offerings in the large luxury segment, the new 300C will feature leather throughout, along with lashings of aluminium highlights and an abundance of wood panelling.

A large touch-screen dominates the centre stack, offering the same functions as those offered with the updated Dodge Journey, due in Australia from early 2012.

Power for the new 300C will be provided by Chrysler's new family engine, the 3.6 litre Pentastar V6, producing 209kW and 352Nm of torque, along with the brand's new 5.7 litre V8, offering 260kW and 528Nm of torque in its standard tune.



Speaking with TMR today, Chrysler Australia's Dean Bonthorne confirmed that right-hand production for the new 300C is still some time away, leaving an Australian debut off the table until sometime in early 2012.

Mr Bonthorne added that the local launch of the new 300C will represent something of a rebirth for the brand for in Australia, spearheading the debut of a number of new Chrysler models.

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