2010 Volvo S80 R-Design Interior Package On The Way, Under Review For Australia Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Jul, 30 2009 | 0 Comments

SWEDISH CARMAKER VOLVO is introducing a new R-Design interior package for the large S80 executive saloon next year to test customer interest in a full R-Design styling and handling package, according to Volvo Product Manager Chris Wailes.

Wailes told British mag Autocar that if there is enough interest in the interior package, the automaker will look at developing a full R-Design line for the S80 range, including new exterior styling enhancements.

Volvo Australia's Laurissa Mirabelli told TMR that the package is also being considered for the local market.


"At this stage, it's under review. There is an update to the S80 range coming, but we've yet to confirm details of when it will arrive in Australia," Ms Mirabelli said.

"Whether the R-Design interior package will be offered along with the update is something we're looking at."

Earlier this month, Volvo revealed the XC60 R-Design, which is expected to land in Australia later this year.

With stop/start systems recently joining the C30 and S40 models via the DRIVe range (the C30 DRIVe is expected in Australia around September), Volvo is also investigating bringing the technology to the bigger S80 saloon.

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