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Mike Stevens | Nov, 17 2009 | 5 Comments

TOYOTA AUSTRALIA has released another snippet of information on its upcoming Hybrid Camry, highlighting its fuel savings. According to Toyota, the Hybrid Camry's petrol-electric system will save city-based motorists at least 1100 litres of fuel each year.

Basing its figure on an unleaded petrol cost of $1.20 per litre and 20,000km of city driving, Toyota Australia says Hybrid Camry drivers will be at least $1320 a year better off in the pocket.

"Those savings will be multiplied by two, 10, and even hundreds for fleet owners - and many of their drivers will save even more by covering far greater distances," Peter Evans, Corporate Manager of Product Planning for Toyota said.

Mr Evans said the Hybrid Camry's fuel efficiency is on par with cars offering half the power of the Hybrid Camry, and engine capacities around 1.3 litres.

"At the same time, Hybrid Camry - with combined power of around 140kW from its 2.4-litre petrol engine and powerful electric motor - will produce less than 150 grams per kilometre of CO2."


Toyota Australia has so far kept quiet on the specific fuel economy figures it expects the Hybrid Camry to achieve, but today the carmaker has confirmed that it is aiming for around 6.0 l/100km.

The regular Camry lists an official fuel consumption figure of 8.8 l/100km on the combined cycle.

Mr Evans said that final testing was still needed to confirm the Hybrid Camry's fuel consumption figures, but that a saving of around 5.5 litres per 100km, on the city cycle, is expected.

"Using the same amount of fuel, a Hybrid Camry could travel at least 175km compared with just 100km for the most efficient six-cylinder car produced in Australia," Mr Evans said.

"Even on the open road, we expect the official figures to show Hybrid Camry will use around 25-per-cent less fuel than the best of the local big sixes."

"Looking at the combination of city and highway driving, we are confident of recording fuel economy in the low 6.0 litres per 100km range."

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