2010 Pontiac G8 ST May Get V6 Option Photo:
Steane Klose | Jul, 03 2008 | 2 Comments

The folks over at G8 Nation share a rather close working relationship with the General, or at least the General's Pontiac division. Rising fuel prices have got the Pontiac folk considering a second engine option for the upcoming Pontiac G8 ST, until now a V8 only proposition. In this case the engine under consideration is the 265hp/197kW 3.6-litre engine that we know as the Alloytec - the same engine that powers our VE Commodore and the Pontiac G8 sedan.

The idea of a second more economical engine option is still being kicked around the Pontiac boardroom but I'd almost be prepared to put money on it being given the final tick of approval.

“I understand there is some discussion about possibly offering the V6 engine in the sport truck. Again, I’d like to know your readers’ opinion, which I will pass on to the marketing and engineering teams,“ said Jim Hopson, Pontiac Communications Manager

With sales of large pick-ups under pressure in the States, a V6 version of the Pontiac G8 ST would offer a sensible alternative for buyers who want the convenience of load lugging ability in a lighter more fuel efficient package.

You can check out the reader poll over at G8 Nation which incidentally, is currently showing overwhelming support for the introduction of the V6 engine option.

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