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New MINI Convertible Prices and Specifications

Tony O'Kane | Sep, 30 2008 | 0 Comments

While the regular hard-top Mini received its first major under-the-skin update back in 2007, the convertible version still slogs it out on the old Mk I Mini chassis. A Mk II replacement is still some months away from its debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January, however thanks to the folk at MotoringFile, we can now get a sneak peek at Mini's revamped pose-mobile.

Getting a sense of deja vu looking at these pictures? It's okay, it's not meant to look radically different to the preceding model. In fact it's not meant to look very different at all, but if you examine it closer there are some notable changes that have been made to the drop-top to improve it for 2010.

Mini_CooperConvertible_02 For starters, the enormous roll bars that effectively killed all rearward visibility in the old model have made way for what look like pop-up versions. They're still visible, mind you, it's just that this time around the driver will have more than a snowball's chance in hell of being able to use the rear view mirror.

In addition to all the dynamic improvements offered by the more modern chassis, the Mk II convertible is expected to be available in John Cooper Works trim, which offers greater power and sharper handling than the Cooper and Cooper S models (for those that prefer more than a little wind in their hair). A new range of body and roof colours are also available for 2010, however the piece de resistance has to be Mini's "Always Open" guage - a dash-mounted dial that indicates the number of miles driven with the roof down. Useless, really, but Mini freaks are bound to dig it.

Expect more news on the Mk II Mini convertible as we get closer to the Detroit Auto Show

[Motoring File]

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