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Mike Stevens | Apr, 07 2010 | 16 Comments

FORD AUSTRALIA HAS today announced a number of significant upgrades to its FG Falcon range, including the ZF six-speed automatic transmission confirmed in January. The Falcon's inline-six is now also compliant with upcoming Euro IV emissions regulations - an upgrade announced by Ford in 2008.

Replacing the five-speed automatic transmission in naturally aspirated sedan and Ute variants, the introduction of the ZF unit and a number of hardware upgrades sees fuel consumption drop by up to 8.5 percent.

Entry level Falcon ute models currently fitted with a column shift gain a new six-speed column shift mechanism, helping the workhorse utes maintain their three-across bench seat.

All Falcon variants powered by either the 4.0 litre I6 or 4.0 litre I6 Turbo engines are now available with the six-speed auto either as standard or as an option. The Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual remains the standard transmission for XR sedans and all Falcon Ute models.

Helping the homegrown inline-six advance from Euro III to Euro IV compliance, the updated FG Falcon gets a new catalytic converter, along with an upgraded Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

Software updates to the PCM include optimised cold-start, warm-up and hot idle calibration, revised pedal progression for a more linear launch, optimised upshift and gear selection and enhancements to the Deceleration Fuel Shut-Off for improved fuel economy in city driving.

Fuel consumption for all naturally-aspirated petrol Falcon sedan variants with automatic transmissions is now listed at 9.9 l/100km - down from 10.5 l/100km (10.1 for G6E) - making for an improvement of 5.7 percent for the XT, G6 and XR6, and 2.0 percent for the G6E.

Exhaust emissions are listed at 236g/km, equating to a 5.5 star Greenhouse Rating.

Naturally-aspirated Ute variants see an 8.5 percent improvement, the Ute, R6 and XR6 models listing a fuel consumption figure of 10.7 l/100km.

Neither the XR8 Falcon sedan or Ute are included in the Euro IV upgrade. Ford Australia says it will reveal its plans for the XR8 at "a later date". This follows news in January that Ford will add the upcoming 'Coyote' V8 to the local Falcon line-up.

Safety upgrades across the FG Falcon range include the addition of side head/thorax airbags as standard equipment. Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity and iPod compatibility are now also standard across all Falcon sedans and Utes.


Pricing and Availability

Pricing has increased by up to two percent across the range, ranging from an extra $100 for the XR6 to an increase of $1100 for the G6E Turbo.


  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon XT - $40,290 (up $600)
  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon G6 - $43,490 (up $500)
  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon G6E - $50,390 (up $500)
  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon G6E Turbo - $58,990 (up $1100)
  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon XR6 - $42,990 - (up $100)
  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo - $48,990 (up $600)


  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon Ute Base (CC) - $31,095 (up $600)
  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon Ute Base (SSB) - $31,295 (up $500)
  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon Ute R6 (CC) - $33,095 (up $600)
  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon Ute R6 (SSB) - $33,395 (up $500)
  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon Ute XR6 (CC) - $37,890 (up $600)
  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon Ute XR6 (SSB) - $38,190 (up $500)
  • 2010 FG Ford Falcon Ute XR6 Turbo (SSB) - $42,190 (up $500)

ZF Six-Speed Automatic Transmission - Option Price:


  • XT, G6, G6E, G6E - Standard
  • XR6 - $1000
  • XR6 Turbo - $2000


  • Base - $1000
  • R6 - $1000
  • XR6 - $1000
  • XR6 Turbo - $2000

All prices are Manufacturer's List Price and do not include on-road costs and dealer delivery. Where applicable, Luxury Car Tax is not included.

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