2010 Ferrari F450 Prototype Spied Testing Photo:
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_batch-2_01.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_batch-2_02.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_batch-2_03.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_batch-2_04.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_batch-2_05.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_batch-2_06.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_01.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_02.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_03.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_04.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_04a.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_05.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_05a.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_06.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_06a.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_07.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_07a.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_08.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_ferrari_f450_prototype_spy-shots_09.jpg Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Jul, 09 2009 | 2 Comments

THE LAST TIME Ferrari let its successor to the F430 out onto public roads for testing, there wasn't a great deal to see other than a modified version of the F430 Scuderia body in use as a test mule.

Earlier in the week, a series of spy photos revealed a heavily camouflaged version of the F450 prototype. Today, new images have surfaced, and while the same heavy camouflaging remains in place, the roof-line at least is now properly revealed.


Despite the heavy camouflaging, the F450 prototype spied here does reveal a few new design elements.

Larger air intakes appear to dominate the side of the new supercar, feeding the larger 4.5 litre V8 expected to power the F450.

Likewise, there's a larger centre-mounted exhaust at the rear, and a slightly longer wheelbase. The new photos, along with the F430 Scuderia-based mule, reveal a wider track at both ends.


The prototype's camouflage also gives away a new pair of intakes directly behind the rear window, but whether we can expect these to remain on the production model remains to be seen.

Larger outboard tail-lights are clearly visible through the camouflage, while the seemingly vacant inboard spaces would indicate that the F450 will feature only two single tail-light housings (like the 599 and the California).


The F450 is expected to develop over 375kW, delivered to the wheels through a high-performance variant of the seven-speed gearbox used in the Ferrari California convertible.

Beyond performance, the F450 is also expected to be Ferrari’s first production model to utilise eco-friendly materials, with weight-saving and a greener image the driving forces behind this new move.

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