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Tony O'Kane | Feb, 15 2010 | 0 Comments

BMW MOTORRAD has announced pricing for its updated R 1200 RT and R 1200 GS/Adventure range of touring bikes, each featuring a number of improvements.

For the RT, torque is up 5Nm, peaking at 120Nm at 6000 rpm. Power output from the 1170cc flat-twin engine is still 81kW, but it's now delivered at 7750 rpm instead of 7500 rpm. The redline has also risen, topping out at 8500 rpm.

Torque delivery has been optimised for low and mid-range operation, meaning the new engine should prove more tractable in ordinary riding conditions. An electronically-controlled exhaust flap also provides a sportier note.

The enduro-focused R 1200 GS and GS Adventure receive the same engine as the R 1200 RT, meaning power takes a jump from the current model's 77kW.

Both the GS and RT will get BMW's Electronic Suspension Adjustment system, and the GS also scores switchable ABS - the RT's ABS is non-switchable.

The R 1200 GS range is externally unchanged from the model that's currently on sale, but the road-biased R 1200 RT gets a number of cosmetic tweaks.

The RT's fairings and windshield have been redesigned for 2010, as has the cockpit layout. A new Mp3-compatible audio system with USB/iPod input will be standard too, as will be a fuel tank railing and two hard side panniers.


Pricing and Availability

Both the R 1200 RT and R 1200 GS are available now. All pricing below is Manufacturer's List Price and does not include dealer delivery, on-road costs or statutory charges.

The BMW R 1200 RT range commences at $30,000 for the BMW R 1200 RT LS. Features include factory Low Suspension, Radio, Chrome Exhaust, Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Tyre Pressure Control, Heated Grips, On Board Computer, Power Socket and Cruise Control.

Headlining the BMW R 1200 RT model range is the BMW R 1200 RT SE priced at $30,900. Features include normal suspension height, Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) and Seating Heating over the BMW R 1200 RT LS model.

The 2010 BMW R 1200 GS starts at $21,925. Features include Chrome Exhaust, Heated Grips, Hand Protectors, On Board Computer, Pannier fastenings and white LED indicators. Optionally available is Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), Enduro ASC, Integral ABS, Tyre Pressure Control and Alarm.

The BMW 1200 GS Adventure is priced from $26,950 and is standard with Additional Fog Lights, Hand Protectors, Enduro Transmission, Off Road Tyres, Cross Spoke wheels, Chrome Exhaust, Heated Grips, On Board Computer, Pannier Fastenings and white LED indicators. Optionally available is Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), Enduro ASC, Integral ABS, Tyre Pressure Control and Alarm.

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