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Tony O'Kane | Jan, 28 2009 | 5 Comments

It's still more than a year away from going on sale, but it seems that the next-gen 5-Series' vital statistics are already beginning to leak out onto the Interwebs.

The sixth-generation of BMW's mid-size sedan is expected to be longer than the current model, with a slightly stretched wheelbase improving cabin room. An oversteer-cancelling active rear suspension will be one of the 2010 5's new party pieces, and is said to improve high-speed stability during cornering and lane changes.

Electronically adjustable dampers will also be employed in the new 5-Series, and will offer drivers the ability to vary ride quality between comfort and sports settings on the fly. A night vision system, lane departure program, active braking and radar-guided cruise control will also be on offer, depending on spec level.

BMW 5 Series rendering - WCF

The next 5-Series is also expected to make use of the same 2.0 litre 157kW twin-turbo four-cylinder diesel that's slated to appear in the upcoming second-generation 1-series, with other diesel donks offering anything from 134kW to 216kW. The 5's petrol engine lineup will extend from a 134kW economy model (most likely a turbocharged four-pot) to a 275kW V8, with a monstrous 373kW+ motor arriving later in a new M5 model.

BMW's twin-clutch M-DCT gearbox will likely replace the current automatic gearbox, while a manual set of cogs should hopefully still be on offer. As for styling, there's already been a number of prototypes photographed during development trials, however heavy camouflage and deceptive body cladding mean we can't quite give you an accurate idea of what BMW's new sedan will look like.

We'll keep the details flowing as more information comes to hand.

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