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Mike Stevens | Jan, 04 2010 | 0 Comments

ASTON MARTIN has revealed a teaser video for its upcoming Cygnet supermini, featuring a pair of parkour-practicing pranksters infiltrating the supercar company's Gaydon headquarters and stumbling upon the new car.

Essentially a restyled and more luxuriously specified version of the Toyota iQ, the Cygnet is expected to enter limited production sometime this year, available only to existing Aston customers.


With the majority of the 1:30 clip focusing on the human duo's acrobatic efforts, the video reveals little in the way of new details for the Cygnet.

Speaking on the project early last year, Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez said the Cygnet is the ideal daily commuter for buyers accustomed to a level of luxury well above the average supermini offering.

“Until now, small cars offered a message that people are buying something cheap,” Dr Bez said.

“The Cygnet will show that small cars can also make a statement. It will be an intelligent purchase for people concerned about the environment, but who also want to enjoy all the luxury associated with a premium brand such as Aston Martin.”


The Cygnet draws power from the same 72kW 1.3 litre litre engine found in the iQ, driven at the front wheels via a CVT automatic gearbox.

Speaking with the New York Times last week, Dr Bez revealed that the luxury-spec Cygnet will be priced at around AU$35,500, limited to just 2000 units.

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