2009 Porsche Cayman And Boxster Images Leaked? Photo:
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Steane Klose | Oct, 29 2008 | 0 Comments

If Dutch automotive website Autoweek.nl isn't telling us porky pies, then someone there has managed to stumble upon images of the 2009 model Porsche Boxster and Cayman during a visit to the Porsche online vehicle configuration program. So far we've been unable to confirm the reports, but we've got the images on hand for your viewing pleasure.

From what we can see, there's been revisions to the headlights, front clip and spoiler and rear bumpers, and the addition of twin exhaust outlets. While these changes are notable, they're almost imperceptible unless you're comparing with the '08 models side-by-side.

If these are the real deal, then Porsche must have been working (ahem) overtime on this facelift which would seem to be more of a nip and tuck than anything else. However, when you're as good-looking as the sporting Porsches (the Cayenne excepted), there's not much need for improvement.

What do you think guys and girls, are these images real or fake? We wouldn't be surprised to find these were accurate, but we'd like to see some high resolution images first.

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